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Are you in the middle of the nowhere, stranded on an unknown straight stretch of road, with your vehicle not being able to move an inch further? Or maybe you have a flat tire and you are on a busy freeway? Don’t worry, Interstate Towing & Transport Specialist has got you covered. Are you anywhere in Macedonia, OH? If so, we can avoid you that stressful experience by providing you with a reliable towing service! Here is more about what we do.

Our Services

We are an auto towing company and if you are driving a car, bus or truck with or without a trailer, and you are stranded on the side of the road, we can help you! We can be your truck repair company as well, providing quality and affordable services. You don’t need to panic. We take every towing and repair job seriously and we work with a lot of dedication and respect for every client in need. Turn to us if:

Towing service

Hitchhiking is Not Your Thing

We have all been there – in a damaged vehicle, without the ability to move an inch forward or backward. A vehicle that has broken down on you can be a stressful experience for every driver, doesn’t matter if you are driving a bus, trailer, or a truck. You don’t need to turn this situation into a complete disaster, the thing you have to do is contact us.

How We Do It

Every tow truck specialist from our company is extremely careful because we all know that one wrong move can cause a lot of damage to any vehicle. This is why every auto towing service is delivered with a lot of attention and professionalism, protecting your bus, truck or car.

Do you need a professional auto towing company? Contact Interstate Towing & Transport Specialist if you are anywhere in Macedonia, OH. There are also other areas that we serve.

Client’s Testimonial

Thanks a lot for everything!

The professionals from this company did a great job at providing me with a towing service. I was a bit panicked but it seems that I have made the right choice with them. Thanks!

Interstate Towing & Transport Specialist
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